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[상암 직영점] Fantastic!

My friends and I joined pilates class at J-fit Sangam about 9 months ago.  We all love it!  None of us had done pilates before, but the instructors are very knowledgeable and supportive.  After a short time, I noticed that I am getting stronger, more flexible, and am standing much straighter.  I have never done an exercise program that is as thorough as pilates!  It feels like my body AND my mind are engaged!  My friends say that I look better, but I don't think I have lost weight (probably too much eating!)


In the group classes, our instructor is Eileen (정아​), who is very talented.  She gives clear and easy to understand instructions, and never gets frustrated by our lack of ability!  To be completely honest, I'm not very good at pilates, but Eileen has helped me improve a LOT!  She is dedicated and calm, and is open to requests from us.  Eileen manages our behaviour very well and has helped all of us to improve.  We have done group classes twice a week in the chair room and the reformer room.  


I also took private lessons from Lucia (지혜).  Lucia is very very knowledgeable, clear, and tough!  I felt that she really understood my body and its strengths/needs very well and designed a private course to target them.  


The facilities are very nice.  The equipment is all official pilates equipment.  The rooms are all bright and well-organized.  It's a very nice place to go after a stressful day at work.  


I highly recommend pilates classes at J-fit Sangam!  I think that if you have specific issues/problems that you want to address, or want to maximize the experience, then the private lessons are the best.  If you prefer to spend time with your friends in a slightly less demanding environment, then the group classes are better.   I'm very happy that I started doing pilates here!  







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